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Bearing Technology Overview and Information

Are you still wasting money on ceramic bearings? Hawk Racing, an award-winning leader in non-ceramic bearing technology, offers the smoothest and lightest bottom brackets and derailleur pulleys in the industry. has proven that Hawk Racing bearings perform as good as or better than ceramic bearings for half the price—don’t waste your money on ceramic bearings.

In 2009 Hawk Racing introduced a new and innovative bearing technology (powered by Folmer Technology) to the cycling and triathlon industry. Two years later Hawk Racing won the Innovation Product of the Year award from Cross Bike Review and was also named in several magazines as Editor Picks (i.e. Triathlon Magazine Buyers Guide).

Recently, an independent company out of Boulder Colorado created a testing station to learn more about bearing friction. They compared leading brands, including Hawk Racing bearings, and the results speak for themselves! Now, there is undisputable proof that Hawk Racing bearings are the only non-ceramic bearings that perform as good as or better than ceramic, but without the frequent maintenance intervals and high cost associated with ceramic.

In 2011 Hawk Racing introduced a standard sized bearing in full stainless steel (ITEM # .MTB) and by 2012 60% of all bottom brackets were being made in-house in sunny Florida. The goal is to produce 100% of all future products in the United States. We continue to create new bottom brackets that work for different bicycles. By the end of 2013 we were approved by Cervelo to produce the BBRight bottom bracket (another product that will be made in-house).

So what makes our bearings spin so smooth?

As you can see in the above chart all our bearings have a very low friction and with our new Cycle Cross Bearings (ITEM # .CC) we bring you another innovative product that you will enjoy riding.

Our goal in the beginning was to create a low friction, maintenance free bearing weapon for Road and Triathlon, but with more demand in MTB, BMX and Cycle Cross we had to create a new version of our bearings to withstand the harsh environment that our clients ride in. The result was the full stainless steel version of the Hawk Racing bearing for MTB and then the Cycle Cross version (which offers additional protection from the elements due to a new and improved seal). If you see an item # ending in .MTB (“full stainless steel”) or .CC (“improved and tightened seal”) these are the full stainless steel or tightened seal versions of our bottom brackets, both of which can also be used for road and triathlon as long as the bottom bracket is compatible with the frame and crank set.

How do you pick the right version for your bicycle?

If you have a Road Bike with an ENG threaded frame and a Shimano crank set you would use an ENG Threaded Bottom Bracket for Shimano (BB2009.1). However, if you frequently ride in wet conditions then you should purchase the full stainless steel version. (BB2011.1.MTB). In addition, it would be advisable to use the new Cycle Cross version seals in order to protect the bearings even further from dirt. (BB2011.1.MTB.CC).

Test Results Explained

Now, let’s discuss what 0.32 watts on the bottom bracket and 0.064 watts on the derailleur pulley means and how it was tested by Friction Facts.

All bearings from all manufacturers were tested under load, so you are actually riding at 95 RPM pushing 250 watts. Our bottom bracket will “use” 0.32 watts just to spin. A Shimano Dura Ace bottom bracket would use 1.48 watts. So when you add this all up, you can save a lot of watts simply by using Hawk Racing products (including our wheels, which uses the same technology). So, basically, you are purchasing yourself some additional proven speed without having to train any harder. Now compare this to ceramic products, which will need frequent servicing and will also typically cost twice as much as our products. Note, Hawk Racing outperforms many of the leading ceramic bearings. Thanks to the research of Friction Facts we are finally able to prove, without question, that ceramic bearings in the cycling industry are just not worth the extra money. For a full list of all products tested, please visit

We welcome you to Hawk Racing and thank you for your support. Please share our story and our great products with your friends. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we encourage you to share your ideas, suggestions and comments. At the end of the day, we all share the same passion, we love riding our bicycle.