386EVO 24mm

Our newest creation, which is made in the United States, is a bottom bracket that fits an EVO386 frame, such as the 2015 Ceepo® CP Viper using a Shimano Hollowtech II crank set.The EVO386 frame has a bottom bracket shell of 46mm and will work with a 24mm spindle. Our SRAM kit could be used to modify the set-up to be used with a SRAM crankset.Award winning Folmer Technology bearings are installed in our Florida made AL7075 cups, which are known for very low friction and service free durability.
Friction Facts, a company based out of Colorado, has tested several bearings from different manufacturers and the results show that Hawk Racing bearings are the smoothest, lowest friction non-ceramic bearings in the industry, but they perform as good as or even better than any ceramic bearing. 
Furthermore, this bottom bracket is not an adapter; it is a bottom bracket that is made to work with EVO386 frames using 24mm cranksets. The result is low friction at only 84 grams for the bottom bracket. We even include 2 x 0.5mm spacers with your purchase.  A special thanks goes to our authorized dealer Bike Works in Kailua Kona as they helped us to develop this product through testing by professional Triathlete’s sponsored by the store. 

MSRP $119

Weight: 84 grams (includes bearings)
BB Threads: 386 Evo
Color: Black
Compatibility: BB386EVO frames such as the Ceepo® CP Viper
Service Interval: Maintenance Free for the bearings
Bearings: Folmer Technology Bearings, ISO and ABEC 3 certified - Made in Japan - NON CERAMIC
Warranty: 1 Year (please register your product)
MADE IN USA: Proudly made in sunny Florida
Energy Consumption: 0.32 watts
MSRP: US$ 119.00

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