V55 Tubular

Why is it named the Veyron Rim Series™?

As you can imagine, it is not always easy to come up with new names for new products. Sometimes product names on the market don't even make sense, but for our new rims, we have a very simple explanation for the name "Veyron". 
The Veyron Rim Series™ was named after the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, the fastest street legal car with a top speed of 431.07 km/h (267.85 mph).
Designed by the German VW group and made by Bugatti, this car is certainly an outstanding car. So now that you have the speed concept, who or what is Veyron?
Well, the Bugatti Veyron was named after the French race car driver Pierre Veyron who won the 24 hours of Le Mans, a famous race in 1939. This race required extreme endurance and durability.
We thought this name perfectly represented our new, super fast, high performance rim: the Veyron Rim Series™ by Hawk Racing.

The Veyron Rim Series™ by Hawk Racing has a custom profile and more aerodynamic structure, this hand built carbon lay-up masterpiece uses aerospace grade, high temperature resin carbon fiber. With an airfoil shape rim, Folmer Technology bearings and Hawk Racing SF12 hub set, you are getting a very fast, very stiff, and very affordable wheel set made by Hawk Racing.

Our 6 pawl 7075 AL hub sets with our very own, famous and award winning Folmer Technology bearings will bring you to speed quickly and allow you to always give an outstanding performance.
Our V55 Tubular wheel set is not only a low friction weapon by using Folmer Technology bearings. The Veyron Rim Series by Hawk Racing has even been Wind Tunnel tested by A2 Wind Tunnel Inc. in the USA and has shown that it is a VERY fast wheel set.
This wheel set such as all other wheels by Hawk Racing has been hand-built in the USA using the finest materials available for the highest quality and performance.
This is the perfect wheel set for climbing with a total weight of only 1479g, a new aero profile and with 8 more spokes that will handle like no other wheel set.


MSRP $1,690

Weight Total: 1479g
Weight Front: 648g
Weight Rear: 831g
Rim size: 700c - Tubular
Rim depth: 55mm
Max width: 25mm
Spoke count: 20 front / 24 rear
Hub used: SF12 - AL7075 (black) / 6-pawl hub design
Spoke used: Sapim CX-Ray bladed (black)
Nipple used: Sapim or Alpina self-lock (black)
Spoke pattern front: Radial
Spoke pattern rear - drive: 2 Cross
Spoke pattern rear - non drive: Radial
Max tire pressure: 125psi
Max recommended rider weight: 225lbs
Recommended tire width: 22mm
External nipples: Yes
11-speed compatible hub: Yes
Note: QR, brake pads, and valve extension included. Assembled in the USA.

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