Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Bottom Bracket Do I Need?
A: If you're unsure on which bottom bracket your bike uses, then we recommend you contact a local bike shop. This will ensure that you receive the correct bottom bracket and that it is properly installed. 

You may also visit to determine your type of bottom bracket.

Q: Is the price for the Derailleur Pulleys for each or a set?
A: The price is for a set, so please do not order a QTY of 2 if you only need them for one bicycle.

Q: Can I touch the bearings with my hands?
A: It is very important that you DO NOT touch bearings with your hands only. Use rubber gloves to handle bearings and grease them before you press them into the frame. This is very important with BB30 and BB90.M bearings because it will extend the life of the bearings.

Q: Any tips to install the PressFit Bottom Brackets and Adapters?
A: When you install the internal bottom brackets, such as the BB30.24, BB30, BB86 you can use a headset press. With the BB30, we recommend to use the Park Tool BB30 kit, so the bearings get pressed on the outside of the bearings. It is very important that you press one at a time and don't try to install both at the same time. This may damage the bearings. Use the bottom bracket shell of your frame to have a straight surface to install the first cup or bearing, than do the same on the other side. We recommend the White Lightning clear Crystal Grease for installation.

Q: What grease should I use to install my bottom bracket?
A: We use for for all bottom brackets including the BB30.24 Adapters the White Lighting Crystal™ Grease. Product link - click here

Q: I installed my new bottom bracket and after riding a bit I hear a noise coming from the BB. What could that be?
A: If you installed our bottom bracket and you start hearing a noise from the bottom bracket that sounds like the bearings are dry after riding a while, please lubricate your chain ring bolts. This is a VERY important step of servicing your bicycle and this step should fix the issue. (Lubriate the bolts even if your crank set is brand new.)

Q: Will your bottom bracket fit my bicycle and crank set?
A: This seems to be our most frequently asked question, therefore we have done some digging for you and found this link:

BikePedia - Find your bicycle here
NOTE: This website is not operated by Hawk Racing. We can't guarantee its accuracy, but so far it has been very helpful to our clients.

Q: How do I install the 0.5mm washer for my ENG BB for Shimano?
A: You usually don't install it at all. Our BB is made to replace the Shimano BB 1:1. However, since were selling a part for use on a used bicycle, you may have "faced" your bottom bracket shell. Doing so, removes material from the shell. If you have done this too often you will have side to side play. In this case, you need the washer. We ship the washer just in case you need it. We would rather have you on the road as quickly as possible instead of waiting a few more days to receive the washer if needed.

Q: How long is your warranty?
A: Please read our warrany page - click here

Q: Can I order from outside the United States?

A: Yes you can, but you can't do this online. Our shopping cart will only accept your credit card if you are in the United States. In order to place an order you need to send an email to with the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone number
  • Your order with style, color and QTY
For example, we have shipped products like bottom brackets with the US Postal Service flat rate box.  A bottom bracket or two and a set of derailleur pulleys costs around $25.00 US (shipping and handling).
You can use all the US dollar prices of our website to calculate your total for the order, but we will send you a confirmation and a total price via email.
Your order can only be paid with PayPal to
Once paid, we will ship your order.
Before you contact us with an order, please check first to see if we have a distributor in your country. - click here

Q: Do you offer Sponsorship?
A: Yes, we do and you can apply for sponsorship anytime of the year. However, your chances of sponsorship are greater if you apply before a season starts. Please use our online sponsorship page to apply for sponsorship. Please do not call or email in regards of Sponsorship. All application MUST go via our online form - click here

Q: Can I order custom stickers for my wheelset decals? 
A: Yes you can for most of them. Since all our stickers are MADE IN USA, we can offer any color in any combination. There is a $60.00 upcharge for custom stickers and it may take 10-14 business days to get them made. Please select the custom sticker option when you order your wheels.  We will then contact you via phone or email to get more information.

Q: Can I use other brake pads on Hawk Racing carbon fiber wheels other than the Hawk Racing brake pads?
A: No, you will void the warranty. Even if you would use Yellow Swiss Stop brake pads that are recommended for carbon rims. The yellow Swiss Stop brake pads heat up the rim to much and will damage our rims. DO NOT use any other brake pads other than the brake pads from Hawk Racing.

Q: How do I return an item for warranty or crash replacement?
A: Please use our online form to receive a RA - click here
It is also important that you review our warranty page. 
NOTE: We do not warranty any products that have been purchased via eBay. Please buy your products only from an authorized Hawk Racing dealer.