Derailleur Pulleys

Replace even your ceramic rear derailleur pulley set with our very low friction, maintenance free pulleys. Built using 7075 alloy and award winning Folmer Technology Bearings to create a pulley that is not only long lasting, but also weighing in less than other leading brands.

Weight: 7grams Energy Consumption: 0.064 watts/set

Proven Technology

In 2013 Friction Facts surprised us letting us know they conducted a test on our Derailleur Pulleys. What did not surprise our pulleys took 2nd place behind a product that cost 3x the retail price of ours, with only a marginal performance edge.

The Complete Low-Friction Upgrade

Combine your Hawk Racing Pulleys with a Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket for a smoothness that you've never felt before. All products use the same award winning Folmer Technology Bearings.