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Your wheels. Your colors.

Customize your wheelset to match your bike and style. With each carbon fiber wheelset you may choose between our standard colors: White, Iron Gray, and Stealth Black.

Want to stand out a bit more? we also offer these premium selections: Pink, Light Blue, Blue, Green, Dark Green, Red, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Reflective Gray (engineer grade).

Wind Tunnel Tested


The Veyron Rim Series™ by Hawk Racing™ has been wind tunnel tested by A2 Wind Tunnel LLC.
As you may know, Hawk Racing™ is the ONLY company in the cycling industry whose primary focus is on reducing friction. Reducing the amount of friction is something that EVERY athlete benefits from. We take quality control one step further, as our new V55 and V80 Veyron Rim Series™ have been wind tunnel tested for aerodynamics.
This testing was conducted independently in the USA by A2 Wind Tunnel LLC. 
V55 tubular - Drag (grams) vs Yaw (degrees)
V55 tubular - Watts vs Yaw (degrees)