“I always loved working with my dad on anything technical from the boat, car or the motorbike, to helping him in the machine shop. Today, 28 years later I follow the dream of making innovative products that are used by athletes around the world. I truly enjoy being a part of the cycling industry and the Hawk Racing staff. I'm looking forward to creating more great new products that improve the way you ride – Welcome to Hawk Racing.”

Sven Folmer
Founder & President

The Beginning

Folmer Technology, based in sunny Florida, USA, is the work force behind Hawk Racing™ and Folmer BMX™. Since the early 90's, the Folmer family has been interested in building and improving different items made out of wood and steel. At the age of 12, the founder of Hawk Racing was taught by his father how to weld. By the age of 16, a little table CNC machine joined his collection of workshop products and on a small scale Folmer Technology was born.

In the early years of the business, the former pro triathlete welded his first bicycle frame and started racing on it. With limited funds, he researched and developed products for the triathlon industry while furthering his education with private pilot and sky diving certifications, which expanded his knowledge base to include aerodynamics. Throughout this period, he was constantly challenging himself to be as fast a biker as possible.


Today, Folmer Technology stands for "real life" based research and perfecting products on the market that we believe need improvement. We found such a need with overpriced ceramic bearings, which is why we created Folmer Technology Bearings. You will not find fancy words or hype used to try and influence consumers on the quality of our products, because the outstanding performance of our entire product line speaks for itself. All products are tested at the Elite level by athletes, for athletes, and only products that have passed our high quality standards are promoted and sold.

We now have 9 distribution centers in 8 countries, and a dealer network nearing 1,000 authorized dealers. To continue our drive for perfection, our wheels have joined our list of products being assembled in the USA.

Everything produced by us is also used by us on a daily basis. Many of our staff members, some at the professional level, have raced, or still race. Therefore, you can be sure that all of our products perform at the highest possible level. Our bottom brackets and wheels have even been approved by world champions.

We believe that if you experience our products firsthand you will see for yourself that they outperform other products on the market.

The Future

Our team here at Hawk Racing is growing and we're forging into the future. Our goal is to continue to develop even more innovative, high quality products to add to our portfolio, while gradually producing more of our existing products in the USA.  
Enjoy the ride!

Enjoy the ride!