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  1. 10sp to 11sp Upgrade kit for SL11/SF12

    This upgrade kit will come with everything you need to change the SL11 or the SF12 rear hub from 10 speed Shimano to 11 speed Shimano. The kit includes a new 11 speed free hub body with Folmer Technology bearings, a spacer, seal and end caps to upgrade the rear hub to the new 11 speed Shimano group set.

  2. 19mm Bushings

    Hawk Racing’s 19mm bushings are two adapters made from Alloy 7075 and designed to lower the inner diameter of our bottom brackets from 24mm to 19mm for 19mm cranks.

  3. Campy FreeHub Body for SL11/SF12

    Campagnolo 9/10/11-speed compatible freehub body for Hawk Racing SL11 and SF12 hub set body. 

  4. Carbon Fiber Brake Pads

    Use this brake pad on full carbon fiber braking surfaces such as the Hawk Racing carbon wheel set line. Combines stopping performance and durability of a synthetic polymer with the heat resistance and smooth feel. 

  5. Double Padded Wheel Bag

    Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference. Hawk Racings wheel bags are no exception to this age-old rule. Great 700c wheel bag for two wheels that provides a great protection to your investment. 

  6. Dumande Tech Freehub Grease

    Designed for freehubs, Dumonde Tech Freehub Grease is used during servicing our Hawk Racing freehubs. The grease performs consistently throughout a wide temperature range and should be in any cyclists’ workbench. 

  7. Park Tool Anti-Seize Compound ASC-1

    When installing your new Hawk Racing threaded or press fit bottom bracket, Park Tool Anti-Seize grease will help with easy installation of your new bottom bracket and extend its life.

  8. Park Tool Chainring Nut Wrench CNW-2

    The CNW-2 make chainring bolt set installation and removal easy. It securely holds the slotted nut to prevent spinning when tightening or loosening the bolt. Double-ended to fit most slotted-type nuts.

  9. Park Tool Installation Tool BBT-9

    The BBT-9 is used to remove and install external bottom brackets such as the Hawk Racing ENG or ITL threaded bottom bracket. This tool is a must to install a Hawk Racing threaded bottom bracket. 

  10. Rim Tape

    Hawk Racing Rim Strips fit snugly and securely onto rims to protect the tube from sneaking into spoke holes and popping. New coating resists moving around or sneaking up the rim sidewalls. Rim Tape will not dimple into spoke holes even at high pressures of today’s high performance road clincher tires.

    Color: Yellow with black logos. Size 700c x 17mm

    Sold in a pair (2)


Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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